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Life on top of the world

Hi there! Thank you for visiting our blog. Let us introduce ourselves, we are Hannah and Ebony and we’re about to embark on an adventure to the top of the world, 78 degrees North! Svalbard is the land of the polar bear, aptly nicknamed ‘polar bear alley’, where their numbers outweigh the human population. At… Continue reading Life on top of the world

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My koselig little Volda

Hello, I’m Valentina, an Italian girl in her 20s who, four months ago, left Aberystwyth with two stuffed bags full of too many clothes, lots of excitement and a bit of fear to embark on a new life adventure. Actually, my journey started many weeks before that. It began when, reading through the possible destinations… Continue reading My koselig little Volda

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Sunny Spain – My Year Abroad

First things first, if you ever get the chance to travel as part of your degree – go for it! I believe that every student should have the chance to experience a different culture, a different language, new friends and more importantly new food. During my year abroad, I had the chance to work as… Continue reading Sunny Spain – My Year Abroad

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When in Helsinki…

Dear future Erasmus student, So, you’re planning on going to Finland, yay! Good choice! You’re probably wondering why you’ve signed up to the most random year abroad country you could possibly choose. I mean it’s literally unknown to most of the world, unless you’ve watched confessions of a shopaholic, and if anyone does know about… Continue reading When in Helsinki…

International Office - Aberystwyth University

Routes Lingomap: Letter from a language student

So here we are. It has been a long year, hasn’t it? It’s crazy to think that about 12 months ago I was just a university student studying and learning new things about the Spanish language, not knowing that those things I was learning would, one day, be useful in my life. I’ve met amazing… Continue reading Routes Lingomap: Letter from a language student

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Routes Lingomap: My plans after graduation…

Now that I’ve finished my year abroad, I have absolutely no idea what I would like to do career wise (I know… not the best start to a blog). At the moment I know that I’m definitely going to finish my last year of University at Aberystwyth and hopefully after that I would like to… Continue reading Routes Lingomap: My plans after graduation…