International Office - Aberystwyth University

Lydia The Explorer….


Just had an amazing day exploring Bordeaux, I can tell this is going to be a wonderful summer 🙂 Everything in the centre is so beautiful and we managed to crack travelling by tram straight away. There are 14 stagiares from Aberystwyth (Wales) including me and we are fast becoming a new little ( well quite big) family which for a very nervous person (me) is the perfect way to start a year without parents.

Also my host-mum Christine is lovely She lives in a smallish but comfortable first floor flat in Merignac which is where all the industrial estates are but I also pass a small vineyard on the way to the tram every morning. My room is seaside themed, the wall paper is a sight to behold! There’s currently a football match on between  France and Italy and all I can hear coming through the windows is vuvuzelas and commentary from the flat below!

Well the language course at INSUP starts tomorrow so that will be the next part to the adventure so a demain et bisous. 

To be continued…..


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